Room Service & Front of House Bot

We’ve created a bot that can build up a food order with your guests and email reception (and the kitchen) the order and totals to add to their room.

You can customise when room service is available, or operate a 24 hour service if you wish.

Accessible & Multi-Lingual

The bot not only reduces the amount of time your staff are tied up on the phone, it handles language differences and also accommodates people that may not be able to use the hotel room telephone.

Other Skills

Local Map

Guests asking for a “local map” will be sent a downloadable local map as a PDF (supplied by you) with your branding and the prominent info that you want.

Frequent Queries

What time is checkout? Can I store my luggage? Do you have late checkout? Let your bot handle these questions. Add your own questions and answers too, for local attractions for example.