Conversational Reporting

Need information on the go? Need to ask questions of your data from across your business without interrupting your staff?

“What were the sales figures for yesterday?”

“How many website visitors last month?”

“Send me the quarterly report”

“What is the projected turnover for next month?”

“Show me a pie chart of profits by sales region”

Automate Business On-the-go

Need to just get some jobs done out in the field, but don’t want to log in to web apps, flicking to and from password managers? Just ask your bot from a variety of messaging platforms, and get back to what you were doing.

“Book holiday for next Wednesday”

“What holidays do I have booked for next month?”

“How many holidays do I have left?”

Customer Engagement

Save money and time by farming basic customer service transactions like order tracking,  invoice requests off to a bot, allowing you to scale without adding staff.